La Cofradía is a family company which has been producing and bottling tequila for over 50 years. Our experience in the tequila industry has made us one of the best and finest. We are always evolving and adapting to the needs of the global market.
La Cofradía has always distinguished itself as a company that produces a quality product; Excellent agave tequila, made under the traditional process but in a modern industrial factory.
But above all, we mix this quality drink with traditional Mexican crafts, bottling our Tequilas in ceramic and blown glass bottles, sharing the true flavor of Mexico with the world.



Cofradía Culture + Human Capital = 200%

  • Evoked to digitization
  • Focused on tradition
  • Employer welfare
  • Quality first
  • High competitiveness

Our Awards

  • San Francisco Spirits

    Double Gold Medal: 25

  • San Francisco Spirits

    Gold Medal: 30

  • San Francisco Spirits

    Silver Medal: 40

  • San Francisco Spirits

    Bronze Medal: 15

  • SIP Awards

    Bronze Medal: 1

  • Spirits Selection Bruselas

    Gold Medal: 1


La Cofradía is characterized by contributing to the environment, which is why we integrate processes that promote the conservation of natural resources within our factory.
  • Compost

    We use our agave fibers and Vinasse to produce our compost.

  • Energy

    Renewable energy through solar panels from our factory and Matices hotel.

  • Recycling

    All our packaging materials are sent to authorized and certified companies which support us with this process and with this we are able to comply as a Clean Industry Company.

  • Generation

    Hydrogen generation.

  • Agave
    fiber bricks

    Part of these bricks will be used to build houses within Tequila. Just as subsidies will be granted for our employees.

  • Flora and fauna

    Duck Sanctuary.
    Preservation and Reforestation of our Mango Trees.


La Cofradía was founded more than 50 years ago, the convergence of the orography of the place, of the ancient and leafy mango trees and especially of the element of water, source of life, gave meaning to LA COFRADÍA.
Where we produce the drink that is born from the Mexican land and that we share with the world: Our Tequila.



  • Distribution of Tequila 100% de Agave and Tequila in our 23 different Brands
  • Private Label development
  • Bulk sales



Satisfying the most demanding tastes, La Cofradía, a company of quality and tradition, is present around the world with a wide variety of brands of these spirits exclusively made in Mexico.

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You can choose almost every detail of the product, using schemes through our business model which we will be developing your DNA and product profile.